Heart disease requires prompt, thorough investigation and treatment. The Three Shires hospital has newly refurbished its equipment to provide timely investigations for the assessment of cardiac problems.  It also ensures that patients being cared for within the Three Shires Hospital have access to cardiology care if the need arises.


Full routine ECG are provided as standard of care and can be made available to form part of your personal health record

Ambulatory ECG & BP

The latest Full 24 and 48 hour continuous cardiac monitors are available for the detection of heart rhythm disturbance, symptoms of palpitations and the investigation of falls or blackouts. longer spell monitoring is available


Blood Pressure is often best assessed in the patient's home as well as measured regularly.  Ambulatory devices are available to assess BP to British Hypertension Society standards

Echocardiography is available as part of your one stop clinic assessment with Dr Cox. A Brand new (2016) ultrasound machine enables the best quality Echocardiography images and interpretation of your heart's structure and function.

Electrocardiography (ECG)
Cardiac cathetisation

Invasive cardiology assessment is neccessary for patients with evidence of significant coronary artery disease to provide vital appraisal of heart function and coronary artery disease. Dr Cox provides these services directly


Dr Cox can assess the need to have a pacemaker to help with slowing of the heart rhythm and falls providing bradycardia pacing service.


Arrangements for more complex devices to improve failing heart function and / or to act to monitor and treat fast or potentially fatal heart rhythms can be made


Dr Cox provides Long term monitoring implants (Reveal) devices

Cardiac CT

Dr Cox provides Cardiac CT coronary angiography and calcium scoring which are vital tests in answering questions for patients with chest pain and for assessing adverse risk profiles.  Cardiac CT can provide understanding of coronary risk in patients with adverse family histories of heart disease and allow earlier treatment

Interventional Cardiology

Dr Cox provides Interventional cardiology to treat patients' symptoms with angioplasty and stenting procedures to the coronary arteries. These minimally invasive procedures can improve patient's quality of life ridding them of anginal symptoms.

Non-Invasive assessment of angina

For patients at moderate risk of coronary artery disease there is a benefit from knowing what stress the heart is under.  Dr Cox can arrange appropriate testing to ensure the diagnosis of chest pain and its risk. These tests can include exercise testing, Stress Echocardiography, Stress cardiac MRI and nuclear Myocardial perfusion scanning


Full Plain film imaging (chest xray) is available as part of your clinic assessment at Three Shires hospital as well as ultrasound and MRI scanning